Mon repose cuillère

My spoon rest

Personally when I cook I always take out too many cutlery and they always end up dirtying the plates or the work surface. So when I discovered that this type of object existed I said to myself: here is a kitchen utensil that takes on its full meaning!

The problem was that I hadn't come across many spoon rests in everyone's interiors. And even less in “tableware” stores. I ended up finding one, almost by chance.

So I started using this object first because it was really practical. As usual, it then became a real “piece” that dressed up my kitchen.

I have the impression that it was at that moment that my desire to have beautiful objects, beautiful pieces for every day, in my kitchen began to be born. The kitchen, this space so familiar, so intimate and at the same time the most open in the whole house. The place to cuddle with children still very sleepy in the morning, the place for explanations (why always in the kitchen for goodness sake?!), the place for after-parties with a glass of wine,…

It is the most inhabited place in the house.

So yes, like everything we make, the spoon rest was naturally in the list of the very first pieces that should appear in the Des Rêves catalog. We put two decorations on it, the one with the Horn, my favorite, and the one with the bird, obviously your favorite. It is the Rouen decor that reveals its most beautiful details, for a pleasure that is always renewed, every day.

Today it is our bestseller and I am very proud of it.

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