Our products are made by hand in our workshop in Desvres. Our earthenware is unique and made in the purest tradition of the Desvres earthenware factories of yesteryear. All the manufacturing steps are carried out in the workshop using the casting method in plaster moulds.  

The earthenware casting paste is prepared on site. The firings are carried out in the workshop in our ovens and the shaping of the pieces is carried out by hand by our teams. 

The decoration is applied piece by piece, by hand and using a transfer technique, just before the third and final firing.

Deburring of raw parts



Our earthenware pieces are made of natural and sustainable components.  

The biscuit is made of 100% earthenware and the enamel we apply is transparent. It is suitable for food use. It meets European standards, i.e. lead and cadmium free. 

The color of Des Rêves earthenware is that of the natural earthenware that we prepare. We do not use dyes or tinted enamel to give this cream color to our pieces.

Each product is unique. As part of a handcrafted production, it is possible that slight color variations exist on the same model.  

Preparation of the enamel bath

Rouen decor

The creation of this decor was made possible thanks to the benevolence of the Desvres Ceramics Museum, which gave us access to its archives. This is how the Rouen cornucopia pattern inspired us to launch the first decor in the Des Rêves collection.

Magnified, lightened and showing the heart of a traditional design executed for decades in Desvres, this decor is more topical than ever.

Our pieces are inspired by traditional decorations and all our earthenware is handmade in our workshop, in Desvres.


Bottle-vase decor "Rouen à la Corne d'abondance".
Manufacture Fourmaintraux-Courquin, Belle Croix sector, around 1910.
With the permission of the Museum of Ceramics » © MDC Desvres.


Usage tips 

Our parts can be washed in the dishwasher and support the microwave.
Earthenware being a porous material by definition, we advise not to soak the pieces in water, nor to wash them for too long. 


Are you looking for a specific, high-quality product, handcrafted in France, with a strong and delicate identity?

The Des Rêves earthenware team is at your disposal to design and execute your Desvres earthenware projects.

The founder, Marion Leporcq, a specialist in project management practiced for 15 years, will be at your side to develop your project at all stages. From the design of the pieces to delivery we support architects, restaurateurs, chefs and public institutions in their vision.

Our earthenware factory, based in Desvres in Pas-de-Calais, is able to produce piece by piece while allowing customization in terms of shape, model, motif and quantity. We control all the manufacturing stages.

Our know-how in project management also allows us to support you more widely on the different supports you may need for your project. We put our local network of artisanal manufacturers at your disposal.

Indeed, we were able to respond, among others, to the needs of chef Tony Regnier of L'ilot Vert in Boulogne-sur-Mer, listed in the Michelin Guide, by offering him a complete tailor-made table service consisting of plates, sauce boat, tea cup, sugar pot and espresso cups in the image of his restaurant.

We custom manufacture:

- dishes

- kitchen utensils

- earthenware tiles

- accessories for the home (door knobs, etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us directly:

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