Mes boîtes de conservation

My storage boxes

I like to tidy up.

I like sorting, tidying, classifying. It makes me feel really good. I feel like I'm putting my head away.

One day I discovered Marie Kondo and I told myself that I wasn't crazy. A few years later with The Home Edit madness, my neurosis became almost acceptable, even trendy.

Double that with a desire to stop seeing all those ugly plastic packaging every day and you have a fan of kitchen containers.

I have to admit, this is the product I wanted to release first for Des Rêves. I remember it very well, I spoke about it with Sister Aurélie, it was really the very first weeks.

Here is what I wanted: earthenware pots, of three different heights, with lids to store everyday products (coffee, pasta, rice, cereals, semolina, etc.). And above all I wanted them to be beautiful. Whether they stay on my work surface or on a shelf. Because beautiful pieces like these, there’s no point hiding them in a closet!

Clearly in terms of production, I had made the simplest choice to start with: a part mold with a lid and a decoration to place on a cylinder. Hello newbie!

Ah we sweated on this piece, that’s for sure. Especially since all the decor tests were done on this first format. In the end, I don't regret it at all because the Dream Storage Boxes are simply a pleasure for the eyes. They are in front of me every day in the workshop, every day at home and I never tire of them.

Long live storage fans! 😊

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