Lorsque vous entrez en possession d'une faïence "Des Rêves"…

When you come into possession of a “Des Rêves” earthenware…

You bring into your privacy much more than dishes or a kitchen utensil.

You contribute to the creation of jobs, you ensure that historical know-how is reborn in the heart of a region and you contribute to sustaining a local economy.

You participate in the rediscovered pride of a village and a region but also in the national flagship of crafts and artistic professions.

In short, thanks to you, Desvres has regained its place on the map of the great French earthenware factories.

You hold in your hands dozens of hours of manual work, relearned gestures, patience and self-sacrifice.

You hold in your hands a unique piece whose production tools have also been manufactured.

You pay tribute to the artisans who start again and again despite failures and the merciless randomness of ceramics.

You give us the balm to our hearts to go even further, identify even more archives, draw beautiful, inspired decorations, imagine ever more relevant forms.

You welcome into your home the passion of a collective, a crazy bet and faith in something that goes beyond us.

You treat yourself to pieces designed to be beautiful, transmitted and shared.

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