Before becoming the invested entrepreneur she is today, Marion worked in the world of construction and real estate. For nearly fifteen years, she worked for the world leader in concessions and construction, where she held various management positions. In particular, she has led strategic projects, managed the training of leaders and participated in the development, for the State, of projects in public-private partnerships.  


In July 2022, Marion decided to change course and pursue a dream close to her heart: to become an entrepreneur in your native territory. She is now at the head of Faïencerie DES RÊVES, a company she founded with the ambition of reviving the earthenware industry in Desvres. It's a new adventure for Marion, but she brings the same determination and the same strategic vision that marked her career in a large CAC40 group.  

Each piece from the DES RÊVES workshop is a testimony to the fusion of old and new, a celebration of local know-how, history and the timeless pleasure of fine tableware. Marion is committed to putting Desvres back on the map of French earthenware, and each piece she creates is a step towards realizing this vision.