Premiers tests de carreaux

First tile tests

I am so happy with our first results.
We finally had time to launch the development of our earthenware tiles.
The objective was to reproduce earthenware tiles produced in Desvres between 1880 and 1910, for which I had fallen in love when I arrived.
This is also the only support for which I reproduce identically.
At the bottom center you can see the original tile that inspired us. The sublime fade that you can observe is obtained using a lead enamel used at the time. Lead allows colors to melt during cooking. It's a chemical reaction.
Obviously, for my colleague and for the health of our customers we needed to find a technical alternative.
The result is not exactly identical, that's for sure, but I'm delighted with the result and I think ours (top, center) has a lot of charm.
You can also see plain tiles that we sell to complement the designs.
Have you noticed the shades? Some of our customers have Desvres tiles in their home, damaged or missing, and we are able to tailor the shade for them.
We are going to work on 6 other Desvres patterns that I particularly like and we are operational for the production of the plains and the first pattern from today. These are 11x11 cm formats made by hand.
Contact me by PM if necessary because it's not yet on the site.
Part of the dream has come true again today.
What joy!
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